Our Approach

Our Mission

We are a small town department. Even though we may not be the biggest department in the county we strive to fill a big need. It can be hard but we still do our best to be ready when you need us!

Our Story

Our Story

Started in 1891, a group of adell citizens felt the need of fire protection for their Thriving community.The first Adell Fire Department was formed and was known as the "bucket brigade".

The first real fire truck with a water tank was purchased in 1940 for $150.  And in 1962 "fire" phones were installed . The now station was build in 1965.

In 1980 the Adell Fire Department lost a Fireman James Bom and Robert Brooks due to a shed fire that exploded because the owner was storing fire works in that building.

There have been many changes since those old days. New trucks and equipment, new training and new members; but the services and dedication stay the same.

Want to help...

The best way to help is to volunteer! It may take time and energy but it is definitely worth it! To be able to help your neighbors and friends in terrible situations and to help keep your community safe, is much more satisfying and entertaining than watching any tv show.

The next best way you can help is by volunteering your time to attend our fundraisers. Even though we volunteer our time and energy, fuel and safety equipment is not free.