Welcome! So glad you dropped by! We’d like to tell you about how the EMS side of Adell Fire Department got started, who we are, and how you could be a vital asset to our unit.

The Adell First Responders were formed in 1985 to serve the village and surrounding area with pre-ambulance emergency medical care. Today we serve the villages of Adell, Waldo, and Hingham as well as portions of the towns of Sherman, Holland, Lima, and Lyndon. The first responders were formed to be the first medically trained personnel on scene and decrease the amount of time between when 911 is dialed and an ambulance arrives on scene. Not only do the first responders provide pre-ambulance EMS care, but they also work alongside the ambulance and paramedic units in the county to assist them in their care of patients.

To be a member of our unit, you are required to take an Emergency Medical Responder course, a 72 hour training course that gives the skills needed to practice EMS care on our unit. EMRs also must recertify every two years with a refresher course to keep our skills up to date and keep us proficient on some of those skills that aren’t practiced as often. This training allows EMRs to provide life-saving care. Since we initially began, our scope of practice has continued to broaden every few years adding to our skill set and furthering our ability to care for people before the ambulance arrives. More important than that though is the opportunity we have not just to treat people medically but also interact with the community and be a shoulder to cry on, a steady rock in their time of crisis, someone to simply comfort them.
Our unit is comprised of people just like you. They are farmers, local business owners and employees, pastors/clergy, and community members from the Adell, Waldo, and Hingham areas. We volunteer our time to help people in their greatest hours of need. In order to continue this essential service, we continually seek partners to join with us in serving the community.

We meet on the third Thursday each month at 6:00 PM to train and hone our patient care skills as well as carry out the unit’s business at our monthly meeting at 7:00 PM. You can stop by during one of our training times and meet us in person if you would like and talk to us about what being a first responder entails. You can also find out more information about our unit or being a first responder by visiting our Facebook page (link located below) or by contacting our EMS Captain via phone (920-838-4326) or email (afr811@adellfd.com). We look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks to our community and the support it has provided us over the past many years. We could not and cannot do it without you.

Daniel Wiersema
EMS Captain

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